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About Me - Angela's Ark Pet care and dog walking service.

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My name is Angela, I run a pet care and dog walking service in Brighton and Hove, and cover the surrounding areas. Angela's Ark is the result of a passion I have had for animals for as long as I can remember.

I worked abroad for a good many years in Russia, Hungary and the Bahamas, and was horrified by the neglect shown to animals. On my travels I would rescue stray, sickly animals and was lucky enough to nurse them back to health by befriending various vets. Needless to say, when I eventually returned to England 10 years ago, I brought with me 2 dogs, 3 cats and 2 cockatiels - all rescued.

I realised that if I was ever sick, or needed a holiday, there was nobody I could trust to look after my pets as well as I could. I wanted to find that special somebody that really loved dogs and actually enjoyed going to the country and walking with them. I wanted somebody that really loved cats, and rather than just feed and water them, actually enjoyed interacting with them - that was how Angela's Ark was born.

my aim at angela's ark

My aim - Angela's Ark Pet care and dog walking service.

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My dogs Daisy & Beamy

Angela's Ark is for those who have hectic lifestyles, work too many hours a day, or have little spare time - wanting to give their pet care and attention from someone they can count on and trust.

When people are on holiday, I visit their houses to feed, clean out and give a little company to their pets, and for those people who prefer to board their small pets, I normally have an assortment staying at my house ranging from goldfish to rabbits.

I cannot imagine anyone else looking after my animals, so it pleases me that people trust me with theirs, knowing that I have experience of handling most animals and treat them all as if they were my own, because I really care.

For a list of my pet care services, click here.

Whenever we go on holiday, Angela comes to feed and fuss over my four cats. Without her, we wouldn't go anywhere!

- Grace, Withdean

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