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Pet care at Angela's Ark Pet care and dog walking service.Dog Day Care at Angela's Ark for Brighton and Hove in East Sussex.Dog day care at Angela's Ark Brighton and Hove, Sussex.

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Sometimes you find that you need to be away for a few hours or for the day, and you don't like to leave your dog alone for that amount of time.

Dogs do get bored and lonely when left alone, even for a short time. So to avoid your pet fretting and pining, or your sofa being chewed, we offer this day-care service, a creche service if you like, where your dog can spend the day with me. We cater for puppies and older dogs too.

This service includes 2-3 walks a day (morning, lunch, and late afternoon) and walks are planned accordingly dependent on their requirements - such as puppies go on the shorter walks, the older dogs with a stroll through the woods, and for the livelier ones a run around in more open areas.

Back at the Ark we have a large selection of toys for them to play with or you can provide your own - even bring along their own bed if you wish.

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My English Setter, George, hates to be left alone and is wary of strangers, so whenever I have to spend the day away, he is always placed in Angela's care.

- Minny, Patcham

summary of dog day care

Summary of Brighton dog day care service.

  • We keep your dogs interested and well cared for. Our doggie day care is a pet-healthy alternative compared to leaving your canine companion alone during the day
  • Includes play-time and cuddles and basic grooming if requested
  • Access to all areas, to roam freely indoors and outdoors (within a secure, large-enclosed garden) and always under supervision
  • Includes 2-3 walks around Brighton and Hove as part of our dog walking service

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