pet care services at angela's ark

Pet care services for Brighton and Hove

Pet care services at Angela's Ark.

Whatever your reasons, from going on to holiday or to being just plain busy, Angela's Ark Pet Care provides services that will give you peace of mind whenever you're away from your trusty companion.

With services ranging from home visits for pet feeding to holiday care for small pets at the Ark. Every care is taken to ensure your pets are well looked after and remain happy by professional caring hands.

A list of pet services we offer are:
Pet FeedingsPet VisitsDog WalkingDog DaycareHoliday care for smaller pets

Read on for more details about our pet services.

pet feeding at angela's ark

Pet feedings for Brighton and Hove

If ever I go on holiday, my cats would be very unhappy in a cattery and would feel very uncomfortable in a stranger's home. They feel secure in their own surroundings, with all the things they are used to.

So when you go away, whether it be for a holiday, or a day or two, I can visit your feline pets, feed and water them, clean out their litter trays and spend half an hour with them, for grooming or just cuddles.

You can enjoy your holiday with peace of mind knowing that your pets are being looked after by experienced, gentle and understanding hands.

Feeding visits are also available for dogs, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, rats, rabbits and caged birds too. Also see Holiday Care, below, for when you're away for a holiday or busy for a week on business.

holiday pet care for small pets at angela's ark

Holiday pet care for small pets at Angela's Ark Pet care and dog walking service.

If you're going away for a holiday or busy for a week on business, we can arrange for your pets to be looked after at Angela's Ark.

This service is available for smaller pets such as mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and caged birds. Rest assured, your pets will be well looked after and there is an assortment of runs for your rabbits and guinea pigs to exercise safely.

dog walking services at angela's ark

Dog walking services for Brighton and Hove

Dogs need their exercise, and with no time on your hands, what better way than to have your dogs personally walked for you.

For more information about our dog walking service, click here.

dog day care services at angela's ark

Dog day care and boarding for Brighton and Hove

Sometimes you find that you need to be away for a few hours or for the day, and you don't like to leave your dog alone for that amount of time.

Dogs do get bored and lonely when left alone, even for a short time. So to avoid your pet fretting and pining, or your sofa being chewed, we offer this day-care service, where your dog can spend the day with me.

Angela is very caring and attentive to both our pets, Dudley & Oscar. We go away quite often at weekends and always have peace of mind when we leave our pets with her.

- Katy & George, Brighton

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